$100,000 GTD Sunday Won by Fr0z3nSouL

World Series of Poker is just as popular online as it is in person, and players from the USA as well as other parts of the world can register and play tournaments that may be life-changing to many of them. Apart from, there are other interesting USA online poker sites where players can learn how to get better and win hefty rewards along the way.

Nikolay Yosifov, whose nickname on the web is Fr0z3nSouL, has managed to win one online event and became richer by a total of $27,984. The event takes place every Sunday and is called $100,000 GTD Sunday. The one that Yosifov won happened on March 24 and required a buy-in of $320. The event offered a total of $100,000 in guaranteed prizes, and there were a total of 352 entries. That was more entries than expected, and they managed to surpass the guaranteed prize pool with their buy-ins, creating a new pool of $105,600 that was awarded to the best 35 players.

The culmination of the tournament was the final table, which consisted of nine players. While the majority chose not to reveal their true identities, some decided to give away their real names. The first one to hit the rail was Mark “avocadotoast” Bauer, who won a total of $1,795 as the ninth-place player. He was followed by Lucas “GoneBananas” Edwards and Anthony “Flawlessbink” Maio. The sixth place was reserved for a player named Croutonsante, and Wannabeapro89 ended up in fifth place. The fourth place was reserved for uniman, and he was followed by realplayer. The heads-up play was between thisistony and Nikolay Yosifov, and it resulted in Yosifov taking the first prize and thisistony earning a total of $16,368 as the second-place player.

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