Quick Bluffs: Are They Worth It?

Bluffing is an essential poker strategy and can be very beneficial if you know how to pull it off. No matter whether you play land tournaments, cash games, or USA online poker, you need to know how to bluff your way out and win in the game with it.

One of the most popular types of bluffs is the so-called quick bluffs. Although the name might not sound familiar to you, you’ve probably seen this in poker millions of times, as it is one of the most popular bluffs out there that can help you win chips in a record period of time.

Essentially, quick bluffs are also called “small ball” and are made when you make small bets and create small and medium pots. They work especially when the rate of success is high.

In other words, when making quick bluffs, the reward if profitable but not as much as some other poker strategies can bring.

For example, let’s say that the flop shows two queens and a six, and three players make a check while you’re on the button. Nobody raised the pre-flop, and it seems that nobody is interested in making huge bets. There are two possible options here.

The first one is that somebody has a queen and wants to slow-play you into making bigger bets. The other is that nobody has hole cards that are good and are ready to fold easily.

If you manage to see that the second case is more likely, it’s time to make a quick bluff by making a big raise. Once you do that, nobody would dare make a call as they wouldn’t think it necessary. You would take all the chips from the pot, although there would not be many of them, as other players did not make additional bets.

It’s a small victory — but still a victory!

Psychological Win

The beauty of quick bluffs is that they can boost your confidence and sometimes be very important for changing the tide of the game. Just remember that you need to use them wisely and not overuse them as your opponents might see through your strategy.

If you want to practice quick bluffs, you should start by playing online poker. The online environment is always great for testing new strategies, and this one is no exception.

If you want to do that, you first must choose a good online poker platform. Make sure to select one of the best USA poker sites in order to maximize your online experience.

The Semi-Bluff: What Is It and How Do You Use It?

Whenever we play poker, we need to think about the bluffs. They are a very powerful weapon but can turn against us if we don’t know how to use them. One of the popular types of bluffs is the so-called semi-bluff, which many professionals utilize from time to time. Just like with every other bluff, the overall purpose is to confuse opponents and make them think that your cards or intentions are different than they actually are.

So, what type of bluff is a semi-bluff? And why is it considered “semi” at all? Well, the only difference between a bluff and a semi-bluff is that you are actually raising with a draw when utilizing a semi-bluff. What does that mean?

Basically, we have a draw hand, meaning we still have a chance to improve in the end, but we bluff like we have good cards. This is a popular tactic, especially in America, where people use it sometimes both in live tournaments and cash games and in USA online poker.

Why Do It?

What’s the point of semi-bluffing? It is actually a type of bluff that is, in a way, safer compared to the pure bluff. In a pure bluff, you know that you don’t have any chances of winning a hand, yet you stick to a lie to make your opponents believe that you have great cards. On the other hand, in semi-bluffing, there’s an actual possibility of having great cards if the element of luck is present.

For example, if you have four cards of the same suit and you need one more to make a flush, you can use a semi-bluff and trick your opponents. The thing is — there are still cards on the table that need to be turned face-up, meaning that not all hope is lost for you.

If the turn or the river shows another card that matches your four ones suit-wise, you can have a good hand. However, the point is to make your opponents think that your hand is strong from the beginning.

The semi-bluff is used in very specific situations, and only when you know that the chances of your opponents folding are high. Make sure to follow everything closely and act when the time is right.

You can practice this bluff both by playing with your friends or by taking part in tournaments and cash games offered at the best USA poker sites. Start with small buy-ins and try to do your best. Don’t try to use semi-bluffs too often, though. Your opponents will see through you in that case!

True Poker Offers A Lucrative First Deposit Bonus Up To $1,000

True Poker is a popular online platform for all players who enjoy playing USA online poker. It offers several very interesting promotions, and we are going to take a look at the welcome bonus in this article, which is the first bonus you can claim on the site. In fact, True Poker calls it the First Deposit Bonus, which is essentially just that — a bonus you can claim once you make your initial deposit.

Essentially, you will get a 100 percent match bonus up to $1,000, which is a pretty standard offer for the majority of online gambling sites. In other words, if you deposit, for example, $100, you will get an additional $100, which you cannot withdraw immediately, but you can use to play poker games on the site. The way it works is that your cash is “released” every time you win poker points, thus clearing the bonus.

In order to receive this great bonus, all you have to do is open an account on True Poker and make your initial deposit choosing one of the possible payment methods.

More With Crypto

Speaking of payment methods, there’s something you should know about this promotion that you might like, especially if you own some cryptocurrencies at the moment. Namely, the officials decided to make the welcome bonus even more lucrative for all the people who decide to make a deposit in cryptos.

The site currently features approximately 60+ cryptos (make sure to check the list of the supported ones). Once you deposit in one of the digital currencies, you will also be able to claim the bonus.

However, what’s different this time is that you get a 200 percent bonus instead of 100 percent. In other words, if you deposit $100, your bonus will be $200. The upper limit stays the same, however, and is $1,000.

Therefore, in order to get the maximum possible bonus with cryptocurrencies, you need to deposit a total of $500 in the crypto of your choice.

If you like what True Poker has to offer, make sure to navigate to the promotions section, which also features additional bonuses for people who already spent their First Deposit Bonus.

Moreover, if you are interested in playing poker on other poker sites, make sure to read poker site reviews and find out more about such platforms, many of which actually offer similar welcome bonuses to this one.

What Are Re-Entries And How They Work In Online Poker?

Every poker and online poker tournament in the world either allows re-entries or not. Basically, the name itself tells us all we have to know about this — re-entires allow players to test their luck and skills in poker once again in a tournament where they had already dropped out.

For example, let’s say that you played a USA online poker tournament that requires a $10 buy-in, and you didn’t do well. In fact, imagine that you immediately busted. What a bummer!

If a tournament doesn’t allow you a re-entry, that’s pretty much it for you. You should start looking for alternatives, such as playing other tournaments or simply playing some cash games. On the other hand, if a tournament allows you a re-entry, it means that you get another show at it (or a couple of ones).

What you must do in order to enter the competition again is simply pay another buy-in price, which is $10 in this case. You will receive the starting amount of chips and have another opportunity to showcase your poker skills.

Now, re-entries aren’t allowed during the entire course of the tournament. It’s usually specified until when they are allowed. Once the tournament reaches that point, you will not be able to enter it again.

Worth It?

In the end, you need to ask yourself — is it worth entering the tournament again? Sometimes, there is a good reason why you lost all your chips and had to hit the rail. Perhaps your opponents were too strong, or it just wasn’t your day.

Therefore, if you think that you are good enough and that the fact that you’re out is just a momentary absence of luck, you should buy yourself another try.

Also, you need to consider whether it’s profitable for you to enroll once again. Make sure not to affect your budget if you decide to give it another show, as even some high-roller tournaments allow players to re-enter the game.

In order to find great and lucrative poker tournaments that allow re-entries, you should consider reading more about the best USA poker sites. All of them have various kinds of tournaments, and some of them allow players to buy their way back in.

Moreover, make sure to check out welcome bonuses on these sites, as these can help you increase your poker experience and enjoy playing the card game on those platforms.

Managing Poker Bankroll Isn’t That Difficult

If you like playing USA online poker, you probably know that you need to plan your budget if you want to play for real money. The thing with poker is that some people tend to invest a lot of money and lose it, as they don’t really pay attention to their bankroll.

Now, there are good days in poker, and then there are the bad ones. If you play cash games, it’s important that you know when enough is enough, and not buy more chips every time you lose. That’s why there are various poker bankroll strategies that can help you improve your game.

After all, money plays an important part in every gambling game, including poker, so mastering your budget management will affect your overall poker experience.

Separation Of Funds

First of all, if you are an active poker player, you need to separate your personal finances from the finance intended for playing poker. If you happen to run out of money for poker, you should never let it affect your personal finances.

The next piece of advice is somewhat related to the first one, and that is always to play within the bankroll that you had set. Never use more money than you originally intended for playing this game. Whenever you cross the line, you can consider yourself a loser, even if you have relatively good cards.

Don’t get affected by the current situation. Poker is just a game, and making a streak of bad hands should not affect you. In other words, once you start making quick decisions that you did not think through enough, you will definitely lose all your money. One such decision is buying more chips in a cash game when the things obviously don’t go your way.

Also, if you happen to be running out of money for playing poker, don’t be afraid to play lower stake games. There are many different games in online poker rooms, so make sure to adapt them to your current financial situation. In other words, don’t play high-stake games if you cannot afford them — it’s too big of a risk. Playing games that fit your budget will bring you better financial certainty.

Finally, make sure to make the most of the poker bonuses that are offered by many online poker rooms. These bonuses can help you understand how to take care of your budget for poker, especially if you are completely new to the game and prone to make rookie mistakes regarding your bankroll.

Playing Online Poker As A Job — Is It Possible?

People from all over the globe enjoy playing poker, and some dare say that poker is their profession. That’s definitely true as the best poker players earn a lot of money playing various tournaments and cash games. However, is it possible to play USA online poker and earn a living? If it is — how to do it? Let’s take a quick look at this interesting topic.

First of all, you need to know that online poker is something that you could play for a living. However, you need to reach a certain proficiency level before you can call poker your job. If you want to play this game and earn money from it, you need to practice a lot. In fact, if you are completely new to the game, you need to start playing buy-ins that have the smallest possible buy-ins ($1/$2). Once you feel confident enough, you should start taking parts in tournaments that require slightly higher buy-ins.

Online poker players also need to have the proper equipment. We discussed multi-tabling a couple of weeks ago, and it is something that pretty much all online poker players do. Playing poker on the web is much quicker, and players simply have more time to play three or even four games at the same time. At one point, online poker platforms allowed up to 20 tables — but that’s just not effective.

Nevertheless, in order to play poker effectively, you need to have at least two big monitors that will help you follow all the games that you play, as well as the stats that you need to watch in order to improve your game.

Speaking of stats, they are a very important part of playing online poker like a pro. You will constantly buy new seats, lose money and win it, and you need to keep track of your balance and make calculations about the future use of your money.

Therefore, playing professional poker is much more than just having good hands or bluffing your way to victory. It’s a system that requires you to understand how to use poker platforms, additional poker tools, and more. You also need to learn how to use each poker site in order to get the most out of it. Finally, poker pros always follow the latest poker news, poker tournaments, poker bonuses, and more. In other words, they devote more than eight hours a day, just learning everything related to poker.

100% Welcome Bonus on Poker at BetOnline

If you know anything about BetOnline, you probably know that it is one of the most comprehensive online gambling platforms, offering all sorts of gambling-related activities, including a casino, sports betting, esports, and more. Poker is also one of the things you can play once you register at BetOnline. In fact, if you enjoy the USA online poker, this platform is the perfect option for you.

One of the reasons why BetOnline is loved by many poker players is that it offers various promotions. There are plenty of tournaments as well happening every day, meaning that you can never actually get bored playing the card game on this platform.

Right now, we are going to focus on the Welcome Bonus offered by BetOnline. This is a bonus specifically aimed at new players who want to play poker. The numbers are quite straightforward in this case — get 100% Deposit Bonus on your first deposit. In other words, as soon as you deposit for the first time, the platform will match that amount in bonus money. For example, if you deposit $50, you will get an additional amount of $50 that you can use for playing online poker.

This bonus code can only be triggered if you send an appropriate bonus code to the official email poker@betonline.ag. Make sure to check out the bonus code on the site at the Welcome Bonus section for poker players.

Four Free Tournament Tickets

The platform also has an extra gift for you if you register. In addition to the 100% Welcome Bonus, you will also get four free tickets for their $2,500 GTD Weekly Sunday New Player Freerolls. You must redeem all of them within the first four weeks (each one every week). Taking part in these tournaments will give you access to a $10,000 prize pool, part of which could be your reward.

Once you use your welcome bonus and the four weeks are wrapped up, you should definitely check out other bonuses and promos available on this site. Make sure to explore all the tournaments that it offers and how to buy-in to your seat in them.

If you want to explore other welcome bonuses at poker platforms, feel free to read more poker site reviews and find out how to register at other platforms. There are plenty of good sites out there, and it is up to you to make a choice and begin your online poker journey.

What Is the Best Device to Play Online Poker From?

Playing online poker takes practice and determination, and it is often required that you explore various possibilities in terms of equipment that you use when playing this game. Poker is not an ordinary game that requires you to have the latest PC configuration or the newest phone or tablet in order to play it. In fact, ordinary devices are perfect for playing this game, regardless of the platform you choose.

USA online poker platforms are also available across all devices, and it is up to you to choose where to play from. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

Mobile Phone
Mobile phones are the most practical, especially if you travel a lot and you want to play poker on the go. Phone screens are small, and you can access some of the best platforms via your mobile browser or a dedicated app. However, phones cannot help you with utilizing online poker strategies such as multi-tabling.

Tablets have bigger screens, and they are certainly great to carry around when you play poker. They are a middle ground between a PC and a mobile phone as they are both portable and easier to navigate due to the bigger screen. However, they are still not the best option if you really want to play poker professionally.

Laptops are also a middle ground for poker players. Although you can technically play multi-tabling and other complex strategies with this device, it is always better to have a PC which will help you with achieving the best possible result.

Finally, PC is perhaps the ideal device to play online poker professionally from. You can always connect another monitor and get an ultimate online poker experience, playing at several tables at the same time.

If you want to go pro, PC is definitely the best choice. However, if you just want to play poker for fun and even earn some money from it, you can do it from other devices and still enjoy the game. If you want to play the best poker on the web, make sure to check out the best USA poker sites and read more about platforms which you can access from all the devices we mentioned earlier.

Feel free to experiment with various devices and see which one meets your needs. All of them have some advantages and disadvantages, but PCs provide the ultimate poker experience that we all want to experience when we play this game on the web.

Normal vs. Live Poker

Normal poker is a game that is played in real-life casinos, and live poker is the online version of the game, but with the presence of a live dealer. Online casinos are always looking for new ways to provide players with the most realistic and entertaining gaming experience possible. Online versions have taken over the gambling industry and its games; this is because many players prefer playing online due to the freedom and convenience, not to mention, the various promotions that online casinos offer. Recent developments have led to the option of playing live casino games. These are perfect for people that are suspicious of RNG (random number generator) programming. Live poker is reassuring for these players because they get to see the dealer in action through HD cameras and be assured that no monkey business is afoot.

Normal Poker
Land-based poker may have its own appeal, but many prefer the variety of online poker. However, normal poker in a casino comes with the atmosphere and experience of gambling among people, your favorite snacks, and the occasional cocktail.

Online poker (without the cameras) has come a long way, and developers have tried to make the games as realistic as possible. This doesn’t help if players are suspicious of potential cyber-attacks and other forms of tampering. There is nothing like the assured fairness of a game of chance. As long as there is no tampering or cheating, the only way to guarantee a win is by stealing a couple of chips from the dealer when they aren’t paying attention, and this is how it should be. These type of casino games should be left up to chance. Otherwise, it isn’t a gamble.

Live Poker
Live poker involves an actual dealer that is surrounded by cameras; this version is for players that don’t trust random outcome programming in normal online poker. There are no number generators or software, the game is just the result of old-fashioned dealing. This makes the results have the same odds as that of land-based casinos, without having to leave the comfort of your own home. When it comes to live poker, you have the option of choosing your variant unlike in casinos; you would have to play the version they have on the floor. This version of poker also offers a wider betting range, which makes it inclusive to high and low-rollers.

Poker is a popular table game that has moved onto the online platform with great success. Land-based casino gameplay is good for the atmosphere on a night of testing your fortune, but the convenience of having casino games so easily accessible on online platforms is unbeatable. USA online poker is great for when you’re in a pinch, but there is just something about the reassurance of live poker where you can see all the action and know that you are doing the right thing by clutching that rabbit’s foot while having your four-leafed clover tucked safely in your pocket. Check out poker site reviews for some of the places that you can play online poker today.

Is Multi-Tabling a Good Online Poker Strategy?

Playing online poker is a very exciting way to test your poker skills and luck. Many consider it easier than playing poker face to face, as we are able to hide our emotions and reactions behind our keyboards and mouses. However, those who play USA online poker professionally are not sharing this opinion with the rest of the world, simply because many of them apply the so-called multi-tabling strategy which is one of the most difficult approaches to playing (online) poker. So what is actually multi-tabling?

You could have guessed that the entire thing has something to do with more tables, and that would be a correct guess. Those who apply multi-tabling actually play online poker at multiple tables at a time. If you don’t have much experience playing poker on the web, you probably wonder how is that even possible at all.

Well, some online poker platforms allow players to play at several tables at once. These professionals developed a skill which allows them to quickly swipe through the tables and play several poker games at once. This, of course, takes a lot of practice, as some of the multi-tablers have been doing that for years.

However, is multi-tabling a good strategy? It is, once you have enough online poker experience to increase the number of tables from one to two. Yet, if you are just starting to play poker on the web, you should not deal with multi-tabling in any way as that would completely make you unfocused and take all the joy of playing poker.

You should understand that professional online poker players mostly consider poker their job, so playing at multiple tables all at once is something that they do for more than eight hours a day. That is perhaps a tiny minority of players, as the majority just want to enjoy this beautiful card game and earn some money in the process.

Therefore, you should not bother with this poker strategy at all for starters, but once you decide to take your poker playing to the next level, make sure to explore it.

For starters, you should consider checking out some of the best poker site reviews and choosing a single platform that meets your needs. What you should not be looking in these reviews is whether they offer multi-tabling or not, as this is something that you should not pay attention to for now. Make sure to choose a site that offers poker variants that you like and enjoy!