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Bovada May 27 Mad Monday Tournaments Overview

Bovada is one of the leading online poker platforms for all players who live in USA. If you are up for some great poker games, make sure to check out this site and take part at one of the tournaments galore offered on the platform.

Being one of the best USA online poker sites, they made sure that you have a great stay and a lot of fun. If you don’t like Mondays, you can make them better by taking part at the Mad Monday events that will potentially bring lucrative rewards if you are lucky and skilful enough.

The tournament will take place on May 27 and it is called Memorial Day Mad Monday, due to the fact that it will take place on Memorial Day. There will be a total of 17 events to choose from, and the most important one will be the $80,000 GTD Main Event.

If you decide to take part in the Main Event, you will have to buy yourself a seat at it by paying $250 + $20. If many players decide to enter the main event, you might even create a prize pool which is bigger than the guaranteed prize. The Main Event will start at 18:49 pm ET, so make sure to be there on time and try to go after the first prize.

If you don’t feel like taking part in the Main Event, there is a great alternative to it which is called the Mini Main Event and comes with a guaranteed prize of $35,000. The event starts at 18:19 pm ET, just before the Main Event and it requires a buy-in of $35 + $3.50.

In total, the Mad Monday Events will have a guaranteed prize of $275,000 and players could qualify only at one event. The qualifiers started on Monday, May 13, so make sure to secure your seat and have a happy Monday!

Other Sites
If you don’t feel like playing tournaments, there are plenty of other interesting ways to play poker online and have fun. Make sure to check out the best USA poker sites, and find a site that meets your needs and satisfies your poker cravings. There are many great sites for USA players out there and some of them even offer hefty welcome bonuses for those who decide to join and start their online poker journey. Poker is rapidly expanding in the US on the web, and it is up to you to decide whether you are going to be a part of this amazing world! $100,000 GTD Sunday Won by Fr0z3nSouL

World Series of Poker is just as popular online as it is in person, and players from the USA as well as other parts of the world can register and play tournaments that may be life-changing to many of them. Apart from, there are other interesting USA online poker sites where players can learn how to get better and win hefty rewards along the way.

Nikolay Yosifov, whose nickname on the web is Fr0z3nSouL, has managed to win one online event and became richer by a total of $27,984. The event takes place every Sunday and is called $100,000 GTD Sunday. The one that Yosifov won happened on March 24 and required a buy-in of $320. The event offered a total of $100,000 in guaranteed prizes, and there were a total of 352 entries. That was more entries than expected, and they managed to surpass the guaranteed prize pool with their buy-ins, creating a new pool of $105,600 that was awarded to the best 35 players.

The culmination of the tournament was the final table, which consisted of nine players. While the majority chose not to reveal their true identities, some decided to give away their real names. The first one to hit the rail was Mark “avocadotoast” Bauer, who won a total of $1,795 as the ninth-place player. He was followed by Lucas “GoneBananas” Edwards and Anthony “Flawlessbink” Maio. The sixth place was reserved for a player named Croutonsante, and Wannabeapro89 ended up in fifth place. The fourth place was reserved for uniman, and he was followed by realplayer. The heads-up play was between thisistony and Nikolay Yosifov, and it resulted in Yosifov taking the first prize and thisistony earning a total of $16,368 as the second-place player.

Many online poker players agree that playing poker online is one of the best experiences that they ever had as they did not have to leave the comfort of their home. Sure, we do not get to face other players, which makes it easier, but the truth is that the majority of casual poker players can do better by playing online poker rather than land-based games. Therefore, choosing the best USA poker sites is extremely important in order to have the best online poker experience. Once you open an account at an online poker room, you will have an amazing opportunity to play poker against real players and even partake in tournaments such as the one organized by Online Circuit Main Event Topped by SlaweelRyam

The last event of the Online Circuit was the Main Event that had a guaranteed prize of $250,000. The NLH event saw a total of 770 entries where 515 were original entrants and 155 were allowed reentries. All of them managed to create a prize pool of $385,000, setting a new record. For example, the record last year was 682 entrants and a prize pool of $345,000. The list of players that got paid extended to 100, with the majority winning $807 as the minimum reward amount.

This popular USA online poker event was topped by William “SlaweelRyam” Romaine, who managed to win a total sum of $92,400, thus taking the biggest slice out of the prize pool. Apart from winning the cash prize, he also managed to win a gold ring. His prize was the largest one in the US when it comes to regulated online poker networks.

The Final Table Overview
The final table consisted of nine players who are all exceptional poker players, especially when it comes to playing poker online. The main opponent for Romaine in the heads-up play was Jeffrey “memorymotel” Orem, who was not lucky enough to win this event and had to settle for second place, winning a total of $48,895.

The next one in line was Joseph “JingboSlice” Cappuccio, who is also an avid tournament poker player. He also had a great time playing this poker in this event and ended up in third place, winning a grand total of $31,955.

Fourth place was occupied by Bradford “bd3109” Albrinck, who won a sum of $24,255, while the fifth place belonged to Anthony “Flawlessbink” Maio for $20,405. Furthermore, Alexander “ShadowFiend1” Condon ended up in sixth place for $16,550, while Joseph “PITCHEBTCH” Curcio won $12,320 as the seventh place player. The eighth and the ninth place belonged to Marc “speechdoc” Farro and Andrew “RandyLerch” Kelsall, respectively. Farro won $8,085, while Kelsall had to settle for $5,390.

Poker has been growing increasingly popular, and playing online tournaments is not the only way to enjoy this game. Some of the best USA poker sites also offer various poker cash games where you can practice and earn some money along the way. Once you feel ready, you can join the likes of Romaine and start playing poker professionally at online tournaments such as However, it takes a lot of practice and luck to get to the top!

PokerStars Turbo Series Is a Huge Success!

PokerStars did an incredible job with their Turbo Series as they managed to pay out more than $32 millions in 114 tournaments that took place between February 3 and 17. The advertized guaranteed sum was $25 million, which was obviously far surpasssed due to the huge interest people showed for this series of events.

If you follow USA online poker, you would probably be amazed at the fact that the highest prize rewarded in the Turbo Series was $322,429. It was much higher than anticipated, but it made for a happy winner! The lucky player was Robin “robinho” Ylitalo, who topped a field that contained 2,343 entries from various countries. He was awarded for defeating the field of the Main Event, which required a $1,050 buy-in. It turns out that his main opponent was “jamaica_111,” who was also from Sweden. Jamaica_111 managed to win a total of $268,907.

The second-largest prize went to a player named “needdollarz” who was crowned champion of the $5,200 NLHE 8-Max PKO High Roller and who also managed to win a total of $239,695.

Low Stakes Players Also Had a Lot of Success
It is usually the high-stakes players who take all the glory while the ones playing for low stakes are left behind. The reality is pretty different when it comes to online poker rooms, as low stakes players are often as experienced as high-rollers. One of those players is “atanas_1980” who won a ticket worth $215 after winning a $7.5 event, only to win the Turbo Series event and win a total of $71,000. The player had significant success at the PokerStars Players Championship in The Bahamas as well.

Another low-stakes player worth mentioning is “idzake,” who was able to win a $2.20 satellite tournament and win a $55 entry to the Turbo Series 65. He ended up with a total of $26,469 in his pocket after striking a deal in the heads-up part of the event.

Two other low-stakes players who did well are “Savva707,” who won $13,663 after an initial deposit of only $1.10, and “timektime88,” who converted his $1.85 stake into a $20,160 prize.

PokerStars is doing a great job, but they introduced some changes recently that were not welcomed by many players. If you live in the United States, you have a lot of alternatives, so make sure to check out the best USA poker sites that you can register on and utilize to enjoy playing various types of poker.

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